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Patty Castillo Davis
David Rogers
Joe Barretta
Tim Allen

Patty Castillo Davis’ thoughtful, definitive songwriting has given this award winner credibility and acceptance by the Los Angeles and Nashville music publishing communities. Her powerful Bluesy swagger in her song delivery make her vocals truthful and off trend. In a year full of opportunity, collaboration and accolades, the high point is the incarnation of The Patty Castillo Davis Band. Creating a buzz throughout the California region since the Spring and  bringing her original material to its truest translation and exceptional rearrangements of eclectic covers has been achieved with this group. Amazing Guitarist, recording artist, Joe Baretta adds gun slinging perfection and soulful vocals, Tim Allen and his simultaneous Bass and Keyboard skill brings his flawless voice on support and Dave Rogers brings precision drumming and the fourth harmony voice to send the music over the edge. The band has achieved the opportunity to play the prestigious Modesto Art and Music Extravaganza, The Music on the Plaza Series, Ceres Concerts in the Park,  CVAR presents The American Party on the Porch, Modstock and the Smoke on the River National BBQ event. This Fall we will fulfill an abundance of invites for shows in some great venues including my In the Round Series showcasing  the best songwriters in the area  and a recording project. I hope to see you all at Deva Café on most Sundays for breakfast music and on the patio of your favorite night spot.

Patty has been pleased to have opened shows for Beth Hart, Jimmy Vaughn, Buddy De Franco, Frank Hannon of Tesla and most recently, Los Lonely Boys and Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s 2014 Tour stop in NorCal. Her brand which includes a mash-up of genres is only highlighted by her voice, which keeps the fans coming to sell out her performances. 


“I am most proud of representing my hometown of Ceres, California which is a diverse mix of cultures and very supportive of my music, they keep me in check and they show me love."

Rocking the Cradle a View From MAMA
Modesto Art & Music Extravaganza
Performing @ In The Round Series
Patty Davis making a name in Modesto
Ceres Concerts in the Park
Ceres Concert in Park

Patty Castillo Davis, an accomplished musician from Ceres who recently won the Modesto Area Musicians Association award in the "Singer-Songwriter" category, was singled out for recognition from the Soroptimist International of Ceres Thursday evening.


Davis, who experienced woman on woman bullying earlier in her life, said the honor was heartfelt as a former because the group's "mission of empowerment" and "advocacy of affirmation." She said it was great to be in a room of sisters "who have each other's backs."


Patty noted that her pursuit of music - which began as a student in school choirs - is rooted to her hunger for expression fostered by her parents. She started as a studio singer on demos and jingles such as the locally played radio commercial for Mistlin Honda ("they're still playing that") and Turlock Auto Plaza. She evolved into a band member and band leader.


"I came from a family that immersed me with eclectic types of music, from mariachi to the blues, Ella Fitzgerald and Merle Haggard and nobody ever told me to get a real job. Everyone said that my music was my bliss and to follow that and my Dad said, ‘You can sing Johnny Cash songs; you don't have to be a boy.'"


Davis has opened for Grand Old Opry performers, and Dwight Yoakum.


She told the Soroptimists that she will providing some of her music for the soundtrack for a regional film, "Aid & Comfort," which will be about Afghanistan War veterans and veterans who suffer from PTSD.


Davis works as a music liturgist at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Modesto "and my job allows me to sing in Portuguese, and Spanish and Latin and English and has afforded me to learn so much about people and to be part of a community and also to receive an invite to sing for His Holiness Pope John Paul II at the Vatican in 2007. When everyone says, ‘what's your best gig?' the Vatican is the best gig by far."

Her passion is to promote local talent in local venues and Patty is now a member of the Ceres Concerts in the Park Committee as well as the Smoke on the River barbecue event committee. She and her husband have been band and choir boosters for years "writing the checks, washing the cars, selling the tacos."


She praised her family for supporting her so she can do what she loves, noting her "aim is to make my husband and my daughters proud to serve my community by elevating their awareness of art, creating listening venues in Ceres, specifically for concert experiences, and to highlight women's issues - which are human issues - in my performances."



Modesto View

"The musical sounds of Patty Castillo Davis are reminiscent of an elevated and elongated memory that captures belonging and remembering. The central core of her music evokes a feeling of returning home after a long departure. A sweet blues mix of folk, country and rock is a rich blend capable of conjuring up unrelenting feelings that will engage your mind in a blissful journey. Ever so slightly you hear nuances within her music translating a connection to tradition while still understanding and engaging with contemporary audiences in an intimate way. Both a gifted vocalist and instrumentalist Castillo-Davis combines her strengths in an inviting weightlessness with contradictory effortless tension. Masterful is her ability to capture a sense of familiar in way that moves from breezy and steely in a change of key. You may never know why you crave to return to the places you once felt at home in, but after playing a few tracks from Castillo-Davis’ repertoire, you may decide you’ve found the urge to connect with them again."  

--Monica Barber, Modesto View

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